Digitization that lifts your entire operation and provides results in serveral steps

Idnet Retail
is an application that integrates with existing systems and which, with the help of hand held computers, provides access to system information directly on the sales floor. .

Idnet Warehouse User Mobility is correspondingly intended for work routines in warehouses and used with hand held computers and fork lift computers

Idnet Voice is an application for pick-by voice, often used in high frequency pick routines.

Idnet Warehouse Management is a WMS System that we offer together with Manhattan Associates. The system is suitable for operations with complex product flows where full visibility, flexibility and omni channel is important.

Idnet WaaS is a service that makes us responsible for hardware, configuration, operation, installation, monitoring and operation of your wireless network for a fixed monthly cost.

Idnet C&I are the clients and other hardware that can be included in our deliveries. All from world-leading manufacturers..

Raptec Pantilt och Raptec Portal are two different products used in various loading operations.

A solution from Idnet can vary in size ranging from consulting services such as analysis, project management, and technical solutions to service, support, or hardware only. No matter the solution we always work from a user perspective. This results in a workflow tailored to the organization, and not the opposite. It is quite unique.The outcome for our customers speaks for itself, and we know that we can help increase the quality by at least 50% while increasing efficiency by up to 30%. Our commitment does not end after the first delivery but develops over time. When you work with us, you are not just getting a technology supplier but also a long-term partner.

Happy customers – our references confirm our quality goal

We know that our solutions make a difference and create added value and are important tools for our customers. Our goal is for our customers to be so pleased with our work that we can use them as references. We have collected some examples from satisfied customers and their different solutions and how we helped them improve customer service and contributed to increased growth. Read more about how we streamlined Volvo Cars’ assembly and central warehouse for spare parts.



Satisfied or not? Basically, it’s quite simple. It is all about the perceived quality. Did you get what you expected in the way you wanted? At Idnet we make sure to deliver the highest quality. We have been certified according to ISO 9001 for several years. Our project managers have overall responsibility for the quality of our customer projects. They make sure that work flows smoothly, they coordinate resources and see to it that timetables, goals and quality goals; satisfied customers, are followed. Quality is also crucial for our hardware assortment.  It consists of carefully selected products and proven technology from world-leading manufacturers. Our working partners can be found here!

Our solutions support your sustainability work

Effective warehouse and retail processes reduce your environmental impact.
We are happy to help you find results also from an environmental perspective.

As a partner and supplier, we utilize methods to minimize the environmental impact that our operation generates. We place the same high standards for environmental awareness on our suppliers, sub-consultants and partners. The goal is to collaborate as far as practically possible, with only ISO or environmentally certified companies. It works really well. Currently there is a very high environmental awareness among most organizations.
Considering environmental aspects when choosing your own equipment and products in our range is a given.

Our environmental policy

  • We consider environmental aspects when choosing equipment and products.
  • Our environmental work and environmental management system is being developed through continuous improvements.
  • We properly sort our waste material.
  • We demand environmental awareness from our suppliers, sub-consultants and partners.
  • All employees and hired sub-consultants participate in our practical environmental efforts
  • We shall comply with all applicable laws and government requirements as well as our own policy.

Of course, we are  ISO certified.

FNs Global Compact

Idnet AB has signed the UN Global Compact, which is an international initiative expressed in 10 principles directed at companies regarding human rights, labor law, the environment and corruption.



The principles are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO’s fundamental human rights conventions at work, the Rio Declaration and the United Nations Convention against corruption.

By signing the Global Compact, Idnet AB commits to realizing and integrating the ten principles as well as reporting annually how the work on these responsibilities is being implemented. In Sweden there are about 160 active companies connected to the initiative that is currently implemented in companies and organizations in 145 countries around the world.

Read more about the UN Global Compact and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact at their website, www.unglobalcompact.org.

The principles we follow:

• Respect for international human rights.
• Ensure that our own company is not involved in violations of human rights.
• Maintain freedom of association and actual recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
• Abolition of all forms of forced labor.
• Actual abolition of child labor.
• Abolition of discrimination in employment and occupation.
• Support the precautionary principle regarding environmental risks.
• Take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.
• Encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.
• Combat all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

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