An important part of a store’s business is to offer customers excellent service. To increase the service level, a system is required that simplifies work routines for personnel. Digitize your store logistics by using mobile IT is the answer.

By integrating Idnet Retail with your store’s computer system, you can access your business information directly from the store sales floor using handheld computers. You gain increased control over the business, while facilitating the work of the staff, thus giving them more time to take care of the customers.
Idnet Retail has simplified and replaced a variety of manual work procedures, e.g. orders, inventory, deliveries, sales, etc.

With full traceability, you no longer need to worry about the human factor. All events are logged, which allows you to track an event or trace a problem afterwards. Thanks to increased traceability, the risk of error is reduced. Fewer errors free up time. Time that can be used to generate sales.
And fewer errors mean fewer returns, resulting in lower shipping costs. As a bonus you get several environmental benefits, such as lower power consumption, savings on operation costs, maintenance and consumables.
The handheld computers communicate the way you want and as the technology allows. The solution is available in several languages and consists of modules that can be customized, scaled and upgraded for the future and at the pace the organization requires. Idnet Retail can be integrated with most store, business, back office and warehouse retail systems.

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Examples of functions to choose from:
ingå i din Idnet Retail-applikation:

  • Ordering
  • Sales
  • Article questions
  • Order status
  • Shop to shop
  • Recieving
  • Inventory
  • Self-monitoring
  • Printing
  • Stock optimization in store
  • Inventory adjustment/Depreciation
  • Campaign management
  • Price adjustments
  • Automatic order management
  • Restocking
  • Returns management

Idnet Retail in brief

  • Idnet Retail can be integrated with most types of systems
  • Idnet Retail can run on most types of handheld computers
  • Idnet Retail can be customized for most languages
  • Central upgrades
  • Access permission control

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