A WMS-system for omni channel

The WMS System is the market leader and drives growth throughout the supply chain – from alternative marketplaces through inventory management to delivery – focusing on flexibility, control and efficiency. Currently, the WMS System has more than 1,200 customers worldwide. Some of them discuss their everyday routines and challenges in the videos to the right and below.

Today, using the Internet is a matter of course for most all consumers at or before a purchase.
This places completely new demands on visibility and availability of your product and inventory information.

Jockey tells us how the Manhattan Associates warehouse management system helps them gain new market shares in all their various sales channels.
See how Whirlpool got the right overview and control of its product flow thanks to Manhattan
New Warehouse Management System gave Giant Eagle significantly lower stock and employee costs.
With the WMS System, Vera Bradley got 4-5 times better stock turnover rate.


We deliver by far the world’s most successful Warehouse Management System (so called WMS System or stock management system).
The Warehouse Management System (WMS System or Warehouse Management System), we deliver in collaboration with the American supplier Manhattan Associates, is the world’s most successful stock management system manufacturer.
The system is suitable for operations with complex commodity flows, where flexibility, efficiency and control are important as well as omni-channel management.
In addition to stock management, software for product control is also available before and after delivery to inventory. Upstream support to suppliers with labeling and delivery planning, along with downstream planning of shipping to customer/consumer from the best delivery point, are just two of many features. Another omni-channel perspective is the ability to control a pickup from the e-commerce channel directly to store instead of central warehouse.
The image below shows how the solutions are platform-based and cover the entire supply chain.

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Idnet is Manhattan Associate’s geographical partner in the Nordic region. We are responsible for sales, implementation and support.
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More information on Manhattan Associates at their website www.manh.com

Supply Chain Intelligence

Supply Chain Intelligence
Eliminate manual reports and get important real-time data to evaluate staff, logistics partner and facilities
Trading Partner Management
Expand supply chain delivery and automate communication for a smooth inventory flow and faster order management along with a customer-oriented online portal
Yard Management
Find out your vehicle positions and status right away. Schedule arrivals at loading docks and shortening the loading and unloading times.
Warehouse Management
Fine-tune the plant through more efficient layout, better utilization of resources, streamlined inventory and error-free order management. Improved SKU distribution increases the quality and efficiency of the picking as well as generates accurate billing files.
Labor Management
Improve work performance and reduce costs. Maximize the workforce through planning and follow-up.
Transportation Execution
Manage transport needs to better coordinate, manage and keep the schedule.

More examples of efficient warehouse management

In the links to the right and below you will find examples of how Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management System helped organizational organizations streamline their warehouse management and reach their key figures!

bild på 3 Suisses som fått effektivare leveranskedjor av Manhattan Associates

Adidas Group strengthened its global distribution model

Adidas Group’s operations extend worldwide. In order to make the flow of goods flow as smoothly as possible for the Adidas, Reebok and TaylorMade-Adidas segments, Adidas Group started a partnership with Manhattan Associates, whose Distribution Management solutions were implemented at three of Adidas Group’s distribution centers in the US, Europe and Asia. The solution proved successful in several ways; It provided both a standardized distribution system model, improved supply chain control and improved stock control.Click here to find out more.

bild på Adidas som fått effektivare leveranskedjor av Manhattan Associates

Tesco directly takes control of its supply chain

Tesco Direct is an online-based grocery store that offers the most of Tesco’s retail range except food. It is part of Tesco.com and is part of Tesco Stores Ltd, the UK’s largest supermarket chain. They offer over 11,000 different articles via their website and 7,000 of them can also be ordered via catalog. With the help of Manhattan Associates, they now have full control over their supply-chain flow to handle growth.Click here to find out more.

bild på Tesco som fått effektivare leveranskedjor av Manhattan Associates

Urban Outfitters raises efficiency with integrated supply-chain solutions

Urban Outfitters delivers unique shopping experiences to well-defined customer Groups in their own businesses, web sites and directories. They offer differentiated collections of fashion clothing, accessories and home decor in pleasant environments. In addition to its own stores and direct sales, the company also has a wholesaler division that distributes to over 1,000 stores in the United States and England.Click here to find out more.

bild på Urban Outfitters som fått effektivare leveranskedjor av Manhattan Associates

Catering Wholesale improves picking precision and operational efficiency

Catering Wholesale is a leading Danish food distributor. Thanks to Manhattan Associates software, annual cost savings of DKK 1.7 million are achieved through improved inventory control, fewer truck travel and 30% improvement in productivity in the picking process.Click here to find out more.

bild på Catering Engros som fått effektivare leveranskedjor av Manhattan Associates

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