Too much unnecessary work can jeopardize the profitability of an entire operation.  Trimming every possible process is becoming increasingly important to reach the goal of achieving key ratios. Optimizing the warehouse logistics is an important part of this process.

By integrating Idnet Warehouse User Mobility with your ERP or stock system/WMS System, you’ll get an operator-friendly mobile interface for handheld computers and fork lift computers, enabling you to manage routines more easily and efficiently, such as inventory, receiving, labeling, stock optimization, etc.

With Idnet Warehouse User Mobility, time-consuming routines are removed, and manual workflows are performed using handheld computers,  fork lift computers, barcode readers and label printers that communicate with each other.

The mobile interfaces in Idnet Warehouse User Mobility give you full control and you always have updated information regarding stock from your warehouse system. Inventory can be taken during business operations, you do not have to shut down, which directly affects your results. Picking is not only faster, there will be significantly less errors with fewer returns as a result.

Fewer returns mean lower transport and administrative costs. As a bonus you get several environmental benefits, such as lower power consumption, savings on operation, maintenance and consumables.

Click here for more examples of how Idnet Warehouse User Mobility has created effective warehouse logistics with increased control, more satisfied staff and better customer service as a result.


Bild med optimerad lagerlogistik

Enhanced logistics with mobile interfaces to storage systems for features like:

  • inventory
  • recieving
  • labeling
  • in- out delivery
  • stock removal
  • stock optimization
  • picking
  • returns management


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