From October 1, 2017, Raptec AB is a part of Idnet AB. The primary goal is to strengthen both companies by creating a stronger brand and improved market position.

“We are convinced that Raptec, together with Idnet AB, can increase value for its customers. Along with Idnet, we have a stronger focus on the Nordic market and a common goal. For Raptec, it means access to a larger organization that also contributes to more resources for our operations. This can only strengthen Raptec’s brand,” says Kjell Isaksson, CEO of Raptec.

Idnet’s CEO Magnus Alm also feels positive about the merger:
“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Raptec’s work and development will continue as usual and it will not change access to Raptec’s products. By merging our two companies, we can offer customers more unique added value that, together with our own software platform, adds even greater expertise and breadth in the area of automation.”

Magnus Alm will continue as CEO of Idnet AB. Kjell Isaksson will be responsible for Raptec’s international sales. The merger will apply from October 1, 2017.

For further information, please contact:

Magnus Alm, Idnet AB: +46 (0) 31 760 51 24,

Kjell Isaksson, Raptec AB: +46 (0) 708 65 28 85,

Portal and Pan-Tilt increases your automation level

Portal and  Pan- Tilt are two Products that will increase your automation level. Portal makes a photographic identification of the fork lift in the loading operation, a future-proof and traceable working method with great benefits. Pan-Tilt is a standard product that is mounted on fork lift and the concept consists of a camera and an easy-to-use joystick. Portal and Pan-Tilt are developed with quality and the environment in mind. The components used are carefully chosen for this purpose. The products should not only simplify and improve issues for the user but are also designed to work longer than similar products and designed to allow the user to easily switch components. With preventive maintenance, product life is further extended. The products are modular and easily adapted to your system.



With Portal, you’ll get a reading system developed for the most advanced logistics requirements for warehouses and e-commerce.
Portal is a concept based on the latest technology combined with proprietary standard solutions. Customer unique customization is easy, as well as various integration solutions, which means we can help you optimize your transport and logistics processes the way you want.

Through Portal, a lot of time is saved because the  vehicle does not need to stop when the operator needs to scan a package label. With Portal, the fork lift vehicle is continuously in motion. Additionally, the quality of the readings will be significantly better since, in principle, it will be impossible to make mistakes. Therefore, this means that Portal not only provides an increase in efficiency and quality, but also the work environment in the warehouse improves as stress is reduced for staff.


With Pan-Tilt, you read barcodes in such an effective way that you will also notice a difference in the work environment of the warehouse personnel.

Pan-Tilt is used in various applications in industry, and today there are two models specially adapted for different industry requirements.

One model is specially developed for the automotive industry (Odette labels) and different transport applications (STE), the other is primarily suitable for paper mills, steelworks and ports and environments requiring more robust construction and faster reading.

A common work routine in which Pan-Tilt is used is for loading. At the same time as the barcode is read, default information from the storage system on the fork lift computer is presented, all with full traceability. The unique thing about Pan-Tilt is that you can now read more efficiently and shorten driving time. Warehouse workers get a better opportunity to do a good job while at the same time utilizing less energy, which in turn is positive for your energy and sustainability goals.

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