AS Cisco Selected Partner we deliver al needed for your wlan.


Idnet is certified as Datalogic Platinum Partner. Datalogicis one of the leading manufacturers og handheld computers and barcode readers.


Datamax O´neil

We deliver label printers made by Datamax O´neil, the famous Markpoint Compact model is one of many.


Denso invented the QR-code  and manufacturs barcode readers and handheld computers.


Freefloat is our own the software brand.


Idnet is appointed as a Platinum Performance Partner by Honeywell and we deliver their handheld computers, fork lift computers and barcode readers.

Manhattan Associates

As a Manhattan Geopartner, we deliver the world’s most successful Warehouse Management System (WMS System) along with Manhattan Associates


We deliver wlan made by Fortinet.


Vocollect is the market leader of Equipment for pick by voice.

Zebra Technologies

World leading produces of handheld computers, barcode readers and printers. Idnet is a certified Premier Business Partner.

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