News 25.10.22

Idnet enters into partnership with PDI Digital

Idnet enters into partnership with PDI Digital to use its sepioo® platform to digitalize warehouses and industries

The initiative of “Industry 4.0” and the need for digitization throughout the manufacturing and logistics sector lead to the introduction of industrial IoT displays and sensor solutions. Industrial IoT displays are similar to electronic shelf labels (ESL), but are tailored to industrial needs and use case requirements by combining e-paper displays with wireless communication and sensing capabilities. Idnet extends the partnership with SES-imagotag, the global market leader for retail ESL, by entering into a partnership with PDI Digital covering the industrial market.

Idnet have, since 2017, helped customers to achieve significant efficiency gains in areas such as automated price and product information updates, replenishment, click-and-collect, and inventory taking by leveraging electronic shelf labels (ESL). Many of these processes are as relevant in a store as they are in the industrial area.

Idnet is already live with several industrial customers and some of the use cases encompass:
• Increased picking accuracy by adding industrial IoT displays with dynamic check digits to the pick-by-voice solution ensuring that the operator doesn’t learn the static check digit
presented on paper.
 Increased efficiency regarding order and replenishment by leveraging the buttons on the labels to call for an order/replenishment directly at the shelf. In addition, by using the flash
function on the labels the operator will get a notification directly at the shelf if the operation has been successful or not depending on the color of the flash.
 Less time spent on printing product labels and navigation signs by digitalizing the process removing the manual steps of entering data into a solution, printing the label, mounting it on
the shelf or holder (which in many cases are located so far up that a sky lift is needed).
 Always updated labels and signs to ensure that the right product is being picked and/or replenished.

As the solution is completely configurable, there is no problem to adopt it to several other processes as well.

“With the comprehensive experience in the area of retail and industrial, Idnet is a strong partner for customers to profit from new digitization technology,” said Peter Schmallegger, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at PDi Digital.

The Idnet solution is centered on the sepioo® software-as-a-service platform from PDi Digital, which is based on Microsoft Azure. It is easy to maintain and operate and provides monitoring of the whole installed base from one interface. The sepioo® platform makes it possible to scale installations from one, to several thousand of sites without affecting performance. This, together with the high level of security built into the platform has been a critical factor for Idnet and of course also for ourp customers. No new infrastructure needs to be installed as sepioo® is also compatible with most new access points from the largest suppliers on the market. In addition, the platform allows for seamless integration of new generations of industrial IoT displays such as NB IoT displays, batteryless NFC displays, and complementary sensor devices.

“PDi Digital is the ideal partner with its open sepioo® platform and competitive portfolio of industrial IoT displays and sensors, it is the benchmark for delivering digitization and efficiency gains into multiple use cases and applications,” said David Göransson, Retail Business Area Manager at Idnet.

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