ESG - Our focus areas

Our sustainability strategy

Wherever you are, whatever you do, you are part of a collaboration. A collaboration built on openness and honesty – that's how we cultivate transparency and trust. Together, as individuals, employees, and business partners, we share a collective responsibility to make our world a better place and to build for a sustainable future. At Idnet, we have always had a deep passion for this. 

The engine driving our sustainability efforts is our commitment to the UN Global Compact – the UN's voluntary initiative for sustainable business. The initiative comprises ten principles based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, ILO's fundamental conventions on human rights in the workplace, the Rio Declaration, and the UN Convention against Corruption. In Sweden, approximately 320 companies have joined, and Idnet became a member in 2013. 

Learn more about the ten principles on the UN Global Compact's website. 

Our sustainability strategy and goals are based on:

- Our impact and responsibility across various sustainability aspects
- Requirements and expectations from our stakeholders

To understand our impact, we conduct various investigations and calculations, such as environmental assessments, climate calculations, and risk analyses related to human rights, working conditions, and the work environment.

To comprehend the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders, we engage in ongoing dialogues with employees, suppliers, customers, customers' customers, authorities, schools, owners, and NGOs.

Our sustainability work is characterized by systematic work, and by continuous development using ISO standards.

Our focus areas

Below are our three primary focus areas within ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). If you want to delve into how we concretely address these areas and implement ESG principles, we encourage you to click through and learn more.