Sustainability. The only option.

In recent years, environmental and sustainability issues have become increasingly more in focus. Today, much more emphasis is placed on the sustainability of activities than it was in the past. At Idnet, we have always had a great passion for these issues. We always act from a sustainability perspective; it is a pillar of all the equations we face.

Whatever connection you have to Idnet, we have always thought about how we will benefit you in terms of sustainability. How depends on the conditions and what we are working on together. It may be that the solution generates fewer returns, which reduces your emissions and any indirect and direct costs associated with this. It may be that the hardware contributes to better ergonomics, which creates a better working environment with fewer repetitive stress injuries and sick leave as a result. It may be that we review our suppliers so that they meet the requirements you place on them based on business ethics and human rights. Or perhaps some completely different issues. However, you can always be sure that our cooperation will significantly contribute to your  sustainability efforts. Of course, we are ISO certified.

The driving force of our sustainability work is our commitment to the UN Global Compact - the UN's voluntary initiative for sustainable entrepreneurship. The initiative consists of ten principles based on the UN Declaration on Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and the UN Convention against Corruption. In Sweden, about 320 companies have joined and Idnet joined in 2013.

Read more about the ten principles on the UN Global Compact website.

We have summarized our policies and our expectations of partners and employees in our code of conduct, Idnet Code of Conduct.  Click to read and download our Code of Conduct.

Questions and grievance

We at Idnet are keen to have good relations with our customers, partners and other stakeholders and to create value together. We appreciate that you contact us if you have questions or comments regarding the content of our code of conduct, our policies and routines, and how we live up to your expectations.
Contact information is to be found in the above Code of Conduct.

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So, what does this mean for our business?

In concrete terms, it is about ensuring that all people are healthy, that we are concerned about our environment and that we conduct our business properly and ethically. But also, that we work to advance our positions within the principles of the initiative.

We do this, for example, through active supplier and customer dialogues and by linking different activities and goals to our deliveries. Often, our solutions contribute to a positive impact on our customers' sustainability goals, such as reduced environmental impact.

Our environmental policy

Idnet will be a climate-neutral business. This means that in our daily work, we must always keep people and the environment in minds. Our greatest environmental impact occurs through the travel and transport that we carry out when we visit customers and send and receive deliveries.

To be a climate-neutral business, we must:

· conomize our management of raw materials, water, and energy and primarily use more environmentally friendly alternatives, such as renewable sources.
· dispose of our waste material appropriately.
· monitor and ensure the environmental awareness of our suppliers, manufacturers, and sub-consultants.
· help our customers in their environmental work.
· create awareness among our employees.
· compensate for the business's negative impact on greenhouse gas emissions.
· comply with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.
· work to continually improve our environmental performance and prevent pollution of water and air.

All employees are responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is followed in their daily work routine.

We think it is important to share our success. We want to do so with organizations that are doing well in society and that we feel special about. That is why we have chosen to be sponsors of Team Rynkeby/Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund, Jontefonden, Hand in Hand, WWF, SOS Children's Villages and the Red Cross. In addition, we usually sponsor so called Enkronas matches and local youth teams. We also have a partnership with Junior Achievement Sweden, whose activities are aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs.