Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Would better data enable you to make more accurate real-time decisions? Is your inventory value something you'd like to improve? Do you want to increase your efficiency? Maximize your precision? Satisfy your customers more? Are you lacking system support to manage a constantly changing environment? If so, chances are you could greatly benefit from a thorough system review.

The first question you should ask yourself if you answered yes to the above is whether you are truly getting the data you need from your current WMS solution. And if you're getting it at the right time.

The WMS system is the heart of warehouse operations. The right WMS provides you with:

  • Improved balance management thanks to better precision, control of fill rates, and shorter order processing times.
  • Streamlined processes for receiving and shipping that facilitate cross-docking and simplify last-minute adjustments.
  • Optimized resource management for human and machine with displays of real-time performance for buildings, warehouses, automation, and employees.
  • Increased warehouse turnover rate and order processes that strengthen both results and customer satisfaction.
  • Strength, flexibility, and scalability, and last but not least, support for automation.

The rapid technological development, in combination with increased demands and expectations, means that you must adapt more quickly and more often. A carefully configured, scalable system that can adapt to your needs will allow you to face the future profitably and sustainably.

Our experienced WMS consultants have specialist competence in supply chain solutions based on Manhattan Associates technology platforms. They will assist you with a system review so you can see where you are today, and most importantly, where you could be tomorrow. As a GeoPartner of Manhattan Associates, we at Idnet have extensive experience with WMS solutions in retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and 3PL. Let us help you achieve your key performance indicators in the most sustainable way possible.