Privacy policy

Idnet AB is responsible for personal data, which means that we are responsible for how your personal information is processed and how your personal rights are protected. The purpose of this policy is to inform you of how we process your personal data, what we use it for, who can access it and under what conditions, and how you can exercise your rights.

What personal data do we collect and process?

We handle personal data primarily to fulfill our obligations in our customer agreements and to comply with legal regulations. We also need personal information to create a good experience on this website and to be able to provide good service, for example in terms of marketing, follow-up, and information. Our goal is to not process more personal information than is necessary for the stated purpose, and to always gather the least privacy-sensitive information.

We gather and process the following personal information:

  • Name
  • Address (of your employer)
  • Email address (job related)
  • Telephone number (job related)
  • Title
  • Username
  • Information that you voluntarily register yourself
  • Content that you publish yourself, so-called user generated content

Here’s how we gain access to personal data

  • When you provide information to us directly.
  • Information that is recorded when you fill out a form on our website, web shop and case management system.
  • When you sign up for our events, seminars, newsletters, and other mailings.
  • Information we receive when you contact us, apply for employment with us, visit us or otherwise contact us.
  • Information from public registers

Idnet does not use any statistics or marketing cookies on our website. However, the use of the website may mean that Youtube (Google), Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter set third-party cookies. Complete list of cookies that may be found on the website can be found here.

Video surveillance

Parts of our offices may be camera-monitored via live streaming (audio and video). Where this is the case, clear signs are present. We never process or save material from camera surveillance.

Is your personal data handled in a satisfactory manner?

Our policies, procedures and working methods are designed so that personal data is handled in a secure manner. Our security systems are developed with integrity in focus to protect against intrusion, destruction and other changes that may pose a risk to your privacy.

Idnet uses an online case management tool which means that personal data is transferred and processed outside the EU. Security measures are in place to protect personal data and that this data is available so that registered persons can assert their rights and actual legal remedies. We do not transfer personal data in any case other than those expressly stated in this policy.

When do we disclose your personal information?

We will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent or unless it is necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law. In cases where we disclose personal data to a third party, we establish a personal access agreement and ensure that the personal data is processed in a satisfactory manner.

Your rights

Idnet is responsible for ensuring that your personal data is processed in accordance with current legislation. You have the right to access, correct and/or delete your personal data. If you would like access to your information, want to correct it or want us to delete it, please contact

You also have the right to submit any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data to the The Swedish Data Protection Authority, the responsible supervisory authority for the processing of personal data in Sweden.