We create sustainable growth by digitalizing warehouse and shop floor processes

A logistic solution that quickly meets new market demands

It is not easy to know anything about the future. Technological progress is fast and market conditions can change rapidly. Obsolete processes and inflexible systems quickly become an obstacle to profitability and growth. With our world-leading Manhattan Scale WMS system, implemented by our experienced application specialists, you can sit quietly in the boat. We will help you stand ready for the future and create the right conditions for developing your business over time. At a pace that suits you. Read more about us.

Warehouse processes with the highest user friendliness, efficiency and quality

There are many reasons why you should consider how to develop your warehouse processes. A desire to raise the quality is common. Or you want to speed up the picking process, get access to real-time data and thus be able to serve customers faster. Also, minimizing training time for new warehouse personnel is usually high on many agendas. It can also be a completely different goal linked to stock, the picking process or e-commerce that you want to achieve. With process optimized digital tools such as pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, autonomous robots and RFID, all implemented by our experienced application specialists, you only need a single common method of working in the warehouse. This allows you to achieve your goals without compromising efficiency or quality. Read more about our offer.

Cost effective deployment of standardized IT Solutions

Are you wondering if there is anything you can do to ensure that you are proactively cost-effective when it comes to smart applications and digital tools in stores and warehouses? How can your infrastructure work best with your applications? What are the best digital tools and what software applications would allow you to best meet your goals and visions? Idnet can help you with those questions and much more. We deliver the smartest and most profitable IT solutions for retail trading and warehousing. Of course, with the lowest total cost of ownership possible. In addition, we have the best consultants in the market and aftermarket management so you can be sure the equipment works overtime. Even when new conditions affect your business. Read more about us.