Social responsibility, diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion

At Idnet, we take pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We believe in fostering a workplace where every individual feels welcome and respected, irrespective of their background, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, or any other aspect of their identity. 

We actively work to promote diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our operations. This includes recruitment and employment, where we strive to attract and retain talent from diverse backgrounds and cultures. We ensure that our recruitment processes are fair and equal for all applicants. 

Currently, women make up 26%, and men 74% of our workforce in terms of gender diversity. We strive to achieve complete balance with an even distribution of 50% women and 50% men among our employees by 2030. It is gratifying to note that we have already achieved a higher degree of diversity among our team leaders in various teams, where 54% are women and 46% are men. 

Community engagement

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond the walls of our company. We are actively involved in the community, supporting initiatives and organizations that strive to promote diversity and inclusion on a broader societal level. We contribute in various ways, including collaborations with and sponsorship of organizations that hold special significance to us, such as Kris, Nattvandrarna, Hand In Hand, and SOS Barnbyar. For many years, we have also been supporting Team Rynkeby/Barncancerfonden, WWF, and the Red Cross. Additionally, we regularly contribute to Enkronasmatcher and local youth teams. Furthermore, we have a partnership with Ung företagsamhet, an organization dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurs.

Our corporate culture

At our organization, diversity and inclusion aren't just aspirations; they are integral parts of our corporate culture. We frequently and proudly discuss our culture, not only because we take pride in it but because we firmly believe it is a crucial factor in our success. Our corporate culture is reflected in our interactions with each other, our clients, and our partners.

The Idnet culture is built on trust and is shaped by our values, as well as Idnet's ongoing journey of growth. This journey brings about new conditions, goals, and opportunities, necessitating continuous development of both ourselves and our operations.

Idnet's vision and values, coupled with our roadmap, guide us in our day-to-day endeavors. We refer to this as "The Idnet Way."

Idnet - A Great Place to Work

In 2016, we initiated annual employee surveys in collaboration with Great Place to Work. Since 2017, our survey results have consistently been so high that we are certified by them as an excellent workplace. In March 2021, we were further recognized by being included in their list of Sweden's Best Workplaces. This serves as confirmation that our employees enjoy their work and feel engaged in their tasks. We take pride in having cultivated a workplace where individuals can thrive and contribute to our collective success as a company.

We are committed to continually evolving our corporate culture to ensure that Idnet remains an exceptional place to work—where employees not only find satisfaction but also experience personal and professional growth.

Some of our goals

  • Zero accidents, zero injuries, and zero exposure to health risks, ensuring the well-being of our colleagues.
  • Eliminate instances of discrimination, bullying, or harassment.