Bild på Idnet Retail som effektiviserar arbetsrutiner i butik

Idnet Retail is a software solution that integrates into store data systems and, using hand held computers, provides system information directly on the store’s sales floor.
Mobility in the store creates increased customer service with increased sales as a result!

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Bild på Idnet Warehouse User Mobility som digitaliserar arbetsrutiner i lager

Is the corresponding warehouse application and is used with hand held  and fork lift computers. Increased control over the operation, easier and faster workflows, less faulty picks and fewer returns will be the effect of mobile working methods in the warehouse!

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Bild på Idnet Warehouse Management som effektiviserar arbetsrutiner i lager

Is the world’s most successful Warehouse Managment System (WMS System). We offer it in collaboration with Manhattan Associates.
The system is suitable for complex warehouse and logistic flows, where flexibility, efficiency, control and omni channel are important.

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Bild på Idnet Voice som effektiviserar arbetsrutiner i lager genom röststyrning

Idnet Voice is an application that lets you optimize both your workflow and your profitability one step further by using pick-by-voice (voice picking).

In addition, you’ll get better ergonomics and safer working environment in the warehouse.

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Bild på Idnet WaaS

Take advantage of our unique knowledge regarding Wlan, clients (such as hand held computers) and software, at a fixed monthly cost in one and the same solution

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Bild på Idnet Warehouse Management som effektiviserar arbetsrutiner i lager

We provide the products needed for reading and printing barcodes, RFIDs, and voice management applications as well as WLANs (wireless networks).

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Bild på Raptec

Portal makes a photographic identification in the loading operation. Pan-Tilt consists of a camera and a joystick that are mounted on vehicles.

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