Simplify everyday life. Whatever the future brings.

What can we really know about the future?

A lot, as it turns out if you’re curious enough and interested enough. Some parts are harder to predict. But, of course, we know that tomorrow will be different than today. Rapid digitalization and technological development, along with escalating demands and expectations from consumers, are driving change, and our customers need to change faster and more often. 
Creating flexibility for the future is business-critical, to say the least. If you can’t do that, you can forget all plans for sustainable growth or expanding operations, not least geographically. However, if you want to control your tomorrow, you need to know that you have the right technical tools and the proper digital support. What our customers get from us is therefore absolutely crucial for their future success.  

The ability to simplify large and complex flows of goods and information with the right digital tools is still our main idea. What was started by an enthusiast with a passionate curiosity about existing and upcoming technical solutions have grown into a leading knowledge company in the digitalization of warehouses and shopping.  

Building sustainable solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges is one of the most interesting, essential, and developing assignments imaginable. But we prefer not to do it alone and are happy to complement our core competence with the customer’s expertise and our partners’ advanced competencies. The most intelligent way forward is the one we take together. We at Idnet are convinced that the common path into the future is also the most fun. Don’t you agree? 

Fast facts:

  • We are about 75 employees,
  • Head office in Gothenburg.
  • Branch offices in Solna
  • Turnover 2021  MSEK 238
  • We are a part of Lexit Group

Strategic alliances

Idnet works with the leading world-leading suppliers and meets the highest levels in their partner programs.

To achieve this, you must have a broad installation base, specialist competence and a close collaboration with the manufacturer. Because we work with several different manufacturers, this means that our customers can not only trust that we will present a solution that is best and future-proof based on their unique conditions. Our customers can also be sure that we take an overall responsibility.