Sustainable profitability for a changing market

Idnet delivers modern IT support for business-critical processes. This means that we can help our customers meet both today's and future challenges in retail (shop floor, e-commerce and warehouse) and industry (warehouse)

People's purchasing patterns are constantly changing. Today's consumers shop differently than yesterday's, and probably tomorrow's as well. Clearly, in any case, it is the companies with the best logistics solutions - and with the sharpest IT support for efficient logistics, increased sales and customer loyalty - that are winning today. But also, the companies that dare to change as conditions change; when everything goes faster, technology becomes more advanced and demands for cost-efficiency are increased.
It is not always easy to find the solution on your own. This is where Idnet comes into the picture.

When customers come to us, they often want help reaching different goals or want to replace inadequate or outdated systems. They often want a comprehensive supplier who understands which processes are critical, and that the conditions in the industry are constantly changing. But just as often, the customer has no idea what they need to order. Then, of course, we help to solve the puzzle.

The components in the solutions are:

Analyses & feasibility studies:
We offer various types of analyses, feasibility  studies, and investigations to ensure optimal flows and correct technology.
The WMS system Manhattan Scale:
A logistics solution that quickly meets new market needs.
Autonomous robots (AMR/AGV):
Create a more efficient, cost-effective, and safe warehouse.
Workstations with integrated IT tools:
optimizes both your Autostore and other automatic flows while improving ergonomics.
Electronic shelf labels:
digitizes and streamlines store and warehouse operations, enhancing the customer experience.
Smart applications:
for stores and warehouses.
Digital tools and technologies
such as mobile and fixed units for barcodes, QR codes, and RFID, digital signage, information kiosks, pick-by-voice, pick-by-light, and more.
MDM systems
that optimize your mobile clients.
Service and support:
we will you with various types of technical problems and issues, either by phone or on-site.

Many of our customers have their sites and stores spread across different continents. Our commitment follows our customers' development, and we deliver both hardware and solutions globally.