Idnet products that digitize warehouses 
and stores

We digitize routines to, from and inside stores and warehouses. We always work from a user perspective and deliver a tool tailored to the organization, not the other way around. That is quite unique.

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Impoved procedures in warehouses and stores

We know that our solutions make a difference and add value for our customers. Here we have collected some examples from satisfied customers and highlight their different solutions. Learn how these organizations think about their ROI.

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Manhattan Geopartner

Warehouse Management System

We deliver the world’s most successful Warehouse Management System (WMS System) along with Manhattan Associates. If you need control and visibility throughout the entire product flow chain, please read more here

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Vi är Idnet

We are Idnet

For more than 25 years, Idnet has provided modern and future-proof IT solutions that simplify and streamline work routines, increase quality and profitability, and improve the customer experience in warehouses and stores. Our customers are leading companies in the retail, warehousing and industrial arenas in the Nordic region.

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