News 28.10.19

Idnet named Gazelle company by Dagens Industri

Sweden needs growth and Sweden’s entrepreneurs need inspiration, practical knowledge, and good role models. That is why for 20 years the financial newspaper Dagens Industri has named the fastest growing companies in Sweden as “Gazelle companies”. This week, Idnet’s appointment came in the mail.

“Less than 1 percent of Sweden’s limited companies meet the requirements to be considered as Gazelle companies, so we are of course very proud. Our industry is probably among the most exciting of all. The technical development is constantly coming up with new conditions. Constant development, future focus, and genuine commitment are in Idnet’s DNA. Many thanks to our fantastic employees and customers who make our growth and journey forward possible”, says Magnus Alm, CEO of Idnet.

To be appointed a Gazelle company, the following criteria must be met. Also, an overall assessment is made of the company where additional parameters that show sound operations are considered.

A Gazelle company has:

  • A net turnover that exceeds SEK 10 million, according to the latest annual report.
  • At least ten employees, according to the latest annual report.
  • At least doubled its turnover, if one compares the first and most recent fiscal year in the four-year survey period.
  • Increased its turnover every year for the past three years.
  • A positive overall operating profit for the last four financial years.
  • Essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers.